The tactical high energy laser weapon

The tactical high energy laser weapon


With the power of burning laser up to 100kW or even higher, corresponding to the tactical high energy laser weapon can not only target is temporary, killing and, to a lesser degree of soft kill and can achieve permanent hard kill. That is, through the effects of overheating and mechanical weapons made of shell, burning material box, antenna, fairing and guidance system produce irreversible structural and functional damage or even completely destroyed. High energy tactical laser weapon can achieve different damage effects by adjusting the output power, so it can provide a very large operational flexibility in the actual combat process.

High energy tactical 5000mw Laser weapons capable of dealing with a variety of tactical targets, can be installed on a variety of platforms to assume the task of tactical attacks and defense. Its outstanding defense capabilities are particularly attractive for ground forces with limited operational range and relatively poor mobility. Ground tactical high energy laser weapon can be combined with the existing gun projectile system, make up the weakness of the latter, to form an integrated comprehensive defense system, the command center, important facilities such as small target and point target protection, or installed on the mobile platform to achieve machine action in the war, to further expand its attack and the protection scope.

 Attack 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

How to further promote the process of the development of the Attack Laser Pointer weapon technology in the future. For future tactical and strategic mission requirements, to accelerate the development of high energy laser, beam pointing device such as a core technology and components development, concentrate on development for prototype of system in high-end applications, and as soon as the input to actual combat. In the next three to five years, the development of tactical laser weapon focus is 60-100 kW fiber laser weapon prototype development, further improve the practical level, and is expected in the began to use against aircraft and rocket attacks to defend the platform or the front base.

James Surin, a Navy Lieutenant in the missile defense agency, said: “there is nothing but the extent of the damage.”On the missile defense capabilities, the 30000mw Laser can be launched from the 60 thousand feet (about 18 km) altitude UAV flight.Equipped with a 150 kW laser weapon predator is currently New Mexico White Sands Missile Range tested.

The United States Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency Syria Ning will be revealed: the ideal laser weapon power weight ratio should reach 2 to 5 kg per kilowatt level. As a comparison, YAL-1A “airborne laser program verifier used chemical laser weapon power to weight ratio is only 55 kilograms per kilowatt, and the level of current combined fiber laser weapon only 35 ~ 40 kg per kilowatt.”

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