Fancy Laser Sight

Fancy Laser Sight

No bells and whistles, just a simple tool I’ve used a few times with no complications. I think this is a great overall product.I love this red dot scope. It works great. I was a little skeptical due to the price. I did this multiple times and shot a few hundred rounds. I’m happy with what is, essentially, a basic burning laser . The sight maintained its zero and works great.My boyfriend purchased this scope for himself a while back. For his birthday, I bought him the best scope money could buy and he told me to return it because he liked his more. That being said, I don’t know anything about scopes but I guess this must be a good one!


Star War Laser

This 100mw Laser does come with an accessory that fits over the laser that’s a kaleidoscope. It’s a really beautiful effect and I think I like that as much as I do the laser. I have been using these red dot burning laser sights for several years. I am very impressed at how well built they are, especially considering the price. I would and will purchase again.I cannot believe the quality of this sight for the price. I have recommended it to everyone I shoot with and would recommend this to anyone looking for a small halo sight. This thing is light enough to use on any firearm and sighting it in is easy.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I received this burning laser. It is much stronger than I imagined. In fact, if they offered additional Kaleidoscope lenses I would be willing to purchase those. That being said, there is no documentation that comes with this laser to describe the function or any of the accessories. I have tried several of these LaserScope dot sights, both in green and red, from various sellers. This green dot sight is absolutely the brightest one of these sights that I have tested. Do not point these at cars, airplanes or people — they will notice and you will probably get arrested.Some of the negative reviews that have been left were from people who didn’t know or hadn’t used the laser for any period of time. If yours came with the Kaleidoscope already attached simply unscrew it and you’ll have the regular laser available.


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