Applications of laser pointers!

 Applications of laser pointers!


Laser pen, is also known as a star pen, hand-held laser pointer. Because of its intuitive, visible light beam,mainly used for indicating . For its bright beam, anti stray light interference, more and more used for teaching / Powerful laser pointer (such as the 5000mw Laser )can be used as astronomy refers to the star, orientation and other role. Majority of the laser enthusiast / amateur astronomers, the preferred equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Also as a high-grade gift gift relatives and friends.

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Teachers / lecturers for classroom teaching, it like a root an unlimited extension of the 100mw Laser Pointer , so that can it also be relaxed plan refers to the blackboard, is absolutely the teachers of the right-hand man!

Business people / conference speaker — for product presentation and explanation, let your speech becomes follow one’s inclinations, and customer communication more relaxed and natural.

Exhibition Hall / tour guide – when you face the difficulty of the tentacles and helpless, it can help you to the target instructions easily .

Backcountry travelers and explorers for field exploration, indicating distant targets and issued a distress signal, make your trip more fun, more secure.

Astronomy enthusiasts – for astronomical star, the burning laser pointer beam is a very beautiful green line, it is suitable for the evening sky observation, can help you point out the location of the stars.

Construction site / mining field – for long distances to accurately indicate the building, you can avoid close to the danger zone, so you kilometers outside the command.

Used for self-defense – when you encounter a dangerous animal attacks in the mountains, or criminals to rob you, the Red Laser Pointer can be used to self-defense, you need to do is take out to scare each other, don’t really put people engage in binocular insomnia.

Military command or exercise – when you want to your subordinates to illustrate your goal in the air which direction or in the distant hillside, you gently a button will be able to point to the sky, make your demeanor greatly increased. Fire / rescue / help / earthquake, many emergency life-saving life-saving pen.

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